The Story

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
— Ansel Adams


To those who don’t know the person behind the camera.

Hey there, I’m Madeline. This month marks the 7th year anniversary of my first hired photography job. Since that day I’ve had the privilege of photographing a wide array including; weddings, portraits, family pictures, and more! Travel wise I’ve had opportunity live in Nicaragua for a stint, as I lived and traveled through Europe & the UK my camera was readily available, and through the USA for photography purposes. What started out as family pictures for friends has turned into my dream job.

A little backstory:
What brought me to enjoy the arts of photographing? Growing up I was heavily influenced by a professional photographer and artist originally from Nevada who encouraged creativity. She was my art teacher, always had stories to tell, inspiration, and friend. The day I got a call that she had passed away I leaned against the wall, slid down it, and wept. I owe a majority of why I am photographing to her. As well as two of my sister in law’s who had DSLR’s. They kindly allowed me to use their cameras when they came over before I purchased my own.

My goal:
Capture your special moments in an adequate fashion to preserve cherished memories.

Who am I?
Some may describe me as a nomad, a wonderer, a traveler. Those are just labels of how people perceive me. I am Madeline, a people enthusiast, always eager to hear your story, passionate about Jesus’ love, and yes I am a traveler. Identity, courage, and processing emotions gets me hyped! I could talk for a long time on those topics and have. Community is dear to my heart because I want to love those around me well. I am a sucker for spontaneous trips too. On a recent trip to BC I got home and my roommate asked “Did I see that you drove up to Vancouver last night?” I replied “Oh yeah, I left at 8pm, drove up for sunrise, and just got home a little bit ago.” There is always more to try out and see. If I could try a little piece of cake from every cake ever I would.

Thank you for checking out Madeline Claire Photography and if we haven’t met yet I am looking forward to hearing your story!


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